What is the Guild and its purpose?

The Guild of Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Accountants (I.C.I.A.) is an association of business accountants, financial managers, tax preparers and accounting executives with members in every province of Canada as well as many other parts of the world. The Guild was founded in 1956 and incorporated by Federal Charter in 1961. It promotes and supports interest in vocational accountancy; encourages acceptance of modern methods and procedures and gives recognition to the individual's skills and practical experience.

What do "Guild" and I.C.I.A mean?

Guild is a term used to describe an association for mutual aid in a common pursuit. The initials I.C.I.A. are the first letters of our official name - Industrial, Commercial & Instituional Accountants. On acceptance, either as an Accredited Member or an Associate Member, you will receive an appropriate certificate.

Does the Guild publish a regular Newsletter?

Yes, known as the Journal, presently published quarterly and mailed to all members.

Why should the Guild interest me?

If your career is in accounting or management, then membership in the Guild should be a priority. Canadian business is becoming ever more complex. Consequently, the importance of the accountant is increasing significantly. Growth, diversification and competition in today's business world all demand controls that only a competent accountant can provide. As a result, the present day accountant must be better trained and better informed than ever before. This is why membership in the Guild (or any professional association) can be of significant value.

For more information, please see the Guild's brochure